A Heart for Truth

First Century Nicodemus likes his life––study the law, practice the law, teach the law. Methodical? – yes. Comfortable? –  absolutely. Predictable? – but of course.

NicodemusCoverRevHe hears about a report from Bethlehem shepherds that they had a vision of sorts. Something about angels, a baby in a manger, a proclamation of the Messiah. But what do smelly shepherds know? He easily dismisses the report.

Years later Nicodemus becomes a member of the prestigious Sanhedrin. The members must deal with the likes of John the Baptizer, and then another trouble maker comes along. Nicodemus bristles at the very mention of Jesus’ name.

Nicodemus’ life radically changes when he journeys to Galilee to visit relatives. He suffers a devastating injury, only to be rescued by a dirty, smelly shepherd. How humiliating!

What will he learn while he is begrudgingly compelled to be under the shepherd’s care? Will this become the very tool God will use to open Nicodemus’ heart to the truth?

After a night-time conversation with the healer, Nicodemus must decide if he will dare to venture further into the unknown or stay safe in his Pharisaic world.

…everyone who exalts himself will be humbled… Luke 18:14

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