Ears to Hear Bible Study

The Novel, Ears to Hear, examines the Bible character, Malchus. It delves into the possibilities of what might be “the rest of his story.” Does Machus have ears to hear Jesus?

biblestudyThe Bible Study gives biblical background to enhance the story and probes the question; Do I have ears to hear Jesus?

This six-week Bible study sets the stage for the novel. Each week, participants have four days of homework which include Scripture search and practical application questions.

On the fifth day of each week, participants read the next four chapters of the novel.

At the weekly group meetings, the group discusses the questions and the chapters they have read.

The study is designed for busy people. It should take no more than 25-30 minutes of study per day.

Possible discussion group settings might include a Bible study group at church, a lunch-hour group at work, a study group in a home, or a Sunday School class.

We have included below two samples of the Bible Study. Click on the appropriate link below to view the samples:

Ears to Hear – Bible Study Sample – Week 1, Day 3
Ears to Hear – Bible Study Sample – Week 5, Day 4

NOTE: Joyce is seeking a few study groups to serve as pilot groups. The Bible study groups would use the materials and give Joyce feedback after completion. If the group members each purchase a novel, a copy of the Bible study materials are free and can be duplicated for class members. If interested, contact joyce@joycecordell.com