The other day I got to thinking about David being of the tribe of Benjamin. Jesus was sometimes called the Son of David or the Lion of Judah, in other words from the tribe of Judah. That means David would be of the tribe of Judah as well.

Then I thought of his father Jesse, son of Obed, son of Boaz. Yep, all of Judah. Then a reader wrote and questioned me about his lineage.

But I was sure I remembered seeing a verse referring to Jesse (David’s father) as of the tribe of Benjamin. But in my search, verses referred to him as a Beth-lemite (living in Bethlehem) but no Benjamite reference.

So, even though my Bible footnotes led me to that verse in Judges about the tribe of Benjamin having experts with the sling, it wasn’t David’s tribe. However, the land of Benjamin and Judah were next to each other and I imagine being good with the sling was a common goal for many.

That said, I stand corrected! David was of the tribe of Judah.

Thanks, Emily for holding me to the fire.

~ Joyce ~

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