It Must Be Spring!


I sprouted my leaves one summer day, small ones they were in the month of May.

I watched the oak tree, big and strong bearing a million leaves all summer long.

 Knock-out roses bore red bloom. “Where is my color?” I sat and fumed.

Zeniahs, Marigolds, Petunias, too, all stood out with colorful hue.


The summer wore on with this colorful scene, but all I had to show was my same old green.

Fall came along, the oak leaves turned red. My leaves just shriveled and fell off, quite dead.

Winter time came with the cold and the snow. The ice was so heavy, we bent our heads low.

Finally temperatures warmed my cold heart. I lifted my head; “I’ll make a new start.”


The oak still stands strong, but a bare-looking fellow. Oh, look at me, I’m blooming all yellow!

“Of course you are,” said the oak. “Don’t be so ‘pithia.’ It’s your season now, for you’re a Forsythia!”

Joyce Cordell – 2015


I couldn’t resist interrupting a final blog about Peter to insert this happy spring time poem. I just love Forsythia. Their joyful arms wave about this time of year to herald in the spring. And they’re blooming this week. I used to drive with my grandchildren and point out all the Forsythia along the way. I pronounced the word over and over until they could say it. Then they would begin to spy the colorful bushes. “There’s a Forsythia!” they would shout.

It amazes me how each tree and bush has its season to shine. Most of the time we hardly notice a Burning Bush or a Red Bud Tree, but when their turn comes, they shine with their reds and purples. Kind of like people. We go along doing our regular tasks, but every once in awhile, God uses our gifts in a special way that show our deep colors. You have a beautiful red or pink, or purple or yellow that is ready to come out in your season.

When I see the dark, stark branches of winter trees, I’m reminded that though they look quite dead, life is within them. God has shown us before that spring will come.  In a similar way, no matter how dead, dark, and dismal our lives may seem, He places life and hope deep within us. He always offers us hope.

I’m so grateful that God created our world with color. He didn’t have to, but it’s part of His nature to create and to create beautifully. As you travel along today, take in all the beauty and the shades of color around you. Soak in His presence through His creation.

As the trees and bushes put on their leaves of green, and rejuvenate and grow, may we too determine to grow deeper in Him, the source of our life, our strength, our hope. Happy spring!

~ Joyce ~