It’s Here!!

Searching His Word
 Seeking His Heart

I’m “interrupting” my lessons on interruptions to announce my BIG NEWS. “Eyes to See”, the story of Matthew the tax collector, is finally in print!

Here’s the full back cover synopsis:

How could a tax collector become a disciple of Jesus?

No doubt Matthew endured a great struggle before Jesus said, “Follow Me.”

In first century Galilee, tax collectors faced the wrath of their fellow Jews. After all, these despised men had sold their souls to the Romans, not to mention becoming filthy rich. How could a good Jewish boy fall into such a trap?

Follow the author’s possible story that leads Matthew from one pitfall to another until he eventually becomes a tax collector along the trade route through Capernaum.

See how the location of his tax booth gives him opportunity to hear Jesus’ teachings and causes him to face his sinful condition, ready to repent and follow the Master.

Sit in on the dinner Matthew plans for his friends where he hopes they, too, will come to believe. Watch the Pharisees spoil it all by questioning why Jesus “eats with sinners.” Will Matthew have to overcome the tag “tax collector” even with his fellow disciples?

Follow Matthew as he matures with new eyes to see and meets the challenge of Jesus to “go into all the world.”

Click the link below and hopefully that will take you to the right Amazon page. Click on the picture and have a look.


~ Joyce ~