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Thank you, dear friends, for your many words of encouragement, care, and prayer. (See Hospital) So much has happened that I haven’t been able to respond to all your comments, but know that I have read each one more than once and received great comfort in them.

So many have asked questions about how I knew the signs and what to do. I started to title this blog, “Public Service Announcement!” I will share with you my experience in the hope that should anything like this happen to you, you will have some thoughts in your head.

Last Wednesday morning, while making the bed, I suddenly felt something like a growing high frequency or pressure in my head. It built in volume for maybe 10 seconds. I walked around the bed and realized I could hardly walk; my right leg felt numb and floppy. Jim was in the bathroom and I called out to him, but realized I had trouble getting my words out; they were slurred. I managed to get on around the bed to lay on my pillow. As I went down, I was aware that I felt dizzy.

All of this transpired in a matter of about two minutes—bam, bam, bam!

As I lay there, I thought pressure in my head, numbness in my leg, slurred speech, dizziness—sounds like a stroke to me.

Jim thought the same. We decided that this was too many symptoms to think it would pass. Jim went straight to the internet. Isn’t that where we go to find answers? I said, “What did it say?” He said, “Take an aspirin and call 911.” So that’s exactly what he did.

Within ten minutes I was in a surreal world of four men clad in dark navy, asking many questions and checking vitals. They whisked me off to the hospital where more busy activity took place all around me. Not what I had planned for my Wednesday.

By that time, I was actually feeling okay. I was able to walk to the bathroom. From that point I had a series of tests. The MRI declared it a mini-stroke. I do think the fast action of my sweet husband was vital, thus my title, “Act FAST!”

So here’s my public service announcement; when you feel the signs act quickly. Take an aspirin and dial 911.

The word fast is self-explanatory, but it also helps with an acronym of many possible symptoms. 

F – face (Face drawn, can’t smile, vision gone?)

A – Arm (Arms or legs numb)

S – Speech (Slurred speech, unable to communicate, dizzy)

T – time (Time is of essence. Get help quickly. Make a mental note of the time it happened.)

I am praising God that this all happened at home when Jim was there, that I was close to the bed, and that he called right away (better safe than sorry.) I’m thankful for first-responders, those working in ER, medicines and tests to aid us. I’m particularly grateful that I have no paralysis.

For I, the Lord, your God, will hold your right hand, saying unto you, “Fear not, I will help you.” Isaiah 41:13

 Thank you, Lord.

~ Joyce ~




16 thoughts on “Act FAST!

  1. Debbie Harrell

    Good morning~ I am so glad you are doing better. I had let some of BC girls know. Been praying. Hugs, Debbie Harrell

  2. Martha Barrett

    Thanks. Joyce, for your detailed explanation of what happened. Now I understand your situation much better. Take care.

  3. Boone Mary Jean

    Praise the Lord Joyce! You were so blessed to walk away with a story that sounded like this. Jim did the right thing and did it quickly. I’m delighted you are alright and thanks so much for sharing the stroke warning signs. Will continue to keep you in my prayers.

  4. Janet ross

    Joyce, so relieved that you are ok! What a scare. I have been praying and planned several times to call, but something always got in the way.😕. Plus your # was not in my phone ( is now! ). I will be calling – this week I have some major tile work going on, but soon.
    Thank you for the update!
    ♥️ Janet

  5. Pat Holland

    Sorry to hear about your stroke. So thankful you got help fast and you are all right. I”ll be praying for you. Take care of yourself. Things, can wait to be cared for; you can’t.

  6. Janet Hord

    So glad to hear that you’re OK! Louie’s mother had a mini stroke not long ago. We weren’t aware and didn’t get her help as quickly as you did. However, she is ok now with no permanent damage! Thank you for your words of wisdom.
    When your up to it I would love to take you to lunch. Janet


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