Gone Astray – Part 1

Searching His Word
Seeking His Heart

In our series of unnamed woman in Scripture, we will revisit one I wrote about about four years ago. Our lady has a male suitor. We’ll name him Mark and her, Aphiema (Ah fee’ muh).

Mark lives in Jerusalem and works among the elite of the city. His handsome features attract many female admirers, so one ill-fated night, he finds himself with his arms wrapped around one of the liberal ladies-of-the-night, which launches both he and his lover, Aphiema, on a path of promiscuity.

A few elders take him under wing. Their plan is to draw him away from his waywardness into the life of a scribe. Certainly one who handles the ancient Scriptures would cease to indulge in such sinful ways.

Indeed, he studies well, has remarkable penmanship, and finds prestige and power in his new position. He marries the girl chosen for him by his parents and appears content with his life.

Eventually though, it seems that any slight affection he has for his wife wanes. She grumbles about her childless condition and nags constantly about this and that. In addition, he becomes bored with his prestigious position as a scribe.

One day, as Mark passes the market, he spots Aphiema over by the fruit stand. She is as beautiful as ever. Old desires well up inside of him and he is drawn to her side.

“Hmm, this fruit looks quite delicious,” he says, not taking his sensuous eyes off her.

She cocks her head with an alluring smile and whispers, “Enticing, wouldn’t you say?”

“Perhaps we could partake of its sweetness this evening.”

In no time, they had set a time and place for a renewed rendezvous.

That evening, Mark contains his lurid thoughts while he makes excuses to his wife as to where he must be for the evening.

His heart beats with excitement as he prances through the dark streets of Jerusalem with youthful energy in spite of his advancing years. Night after night, he is enticed by this sensuous woman. Sometimes they meet in the daytime rather than the evening so as not to alert his wife. One must be careful when in high positions.  

Well, lest you think I’ve gone from spiritual reflections to sensual smut, let me assure you that I’m merely setting up a scenario for the rest of the story. We will get to the Scripture. Stay tuned!

~ Joyce ~

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