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As I write this, I’m sitting in the hospital–no, not for my mother, but for me. After several tests, it seems to verify what I suspected; I had a stroke yesterday morning.

I’m doing well now but need to slow down. Don’t we all? Sounds like another blog to me.

While I got ready for an MRI laying flat on my back with no media, no books, no nothin’, I wondered what I was going to do to occupy my mind for 45 minutes. I ended up having the most marvelous prayer time that I’ve had in a long time!

I’m sure the Lord has other things awaiting me, unexpected. “Never waste lessons to be learned in challenging times” I always say. Now I have to chew on my own words.

Here I come again, asking for prayer. So, as the Lord brings me to your mind, will you pray that I might be sensitive to His Spirit giving me wisdom on how to juggle life so that I don’t overtax my body and that I learn whatever He is wanting to teach me.

Thank you once again for reading and listening with your heart.

– Joyce –

45 thoughts on “Hospital

  1. Lynette C Keeling

    Holding you in thought and prayer. You know, sometimes the Lord has to put us on the flat of our backs to make us look up! Entrusting you into his loving and faithful care. Now let HIM do His work! You just relax and enjoy what He is doing. You know it’s going to be good!!!!

    Much Love

    • Joyce Cordell Post author

      Thank you, Lynette. Going everyday with mother in the hospital, rehab, and now Oaklawn was taking it’s toll. I urge you to do all you can to balance your own life with the intensity of caring for your mother. We can’t give good care if we get down ourselves. I appreciate your words and your concern. Think of you often.

  2. John Cordell

    Aunt Joyce you have always been such a great roll model for our entire family. You are a REAL believer in Jesus Christ and I know God has many more ways he will use you for his kingdom here on earth. You are in our prayers God Bless you and Uncle Jim.

  3. Martha J. Barrett

    Oh, no! Dear Joyce! God does slow us down to listen to him and pray. I’m on my back with my knee wrapped in ice packs, napping, when two prayer requests came in. I’ll be praying that Gods hand will lift you back up to full strength and health.

  4. Janet ross

    Joyce, you have been on my mind this week. Now I know why 😕. So sorry you are going thru this – definitely praying 🙏

  5. Betty Thomason Owens

    Oh, Joyce! I’m praying for your full recovery. What a beautiful way to use this event in your life, praying and rejoicing in the Lord, as Paul and Silas did when they were imprisoned. Wishing you all the best as you recover and learn how to “slow down.”

  6. Aileen Hawes

    Prayers for God’s Healing Grace for you, Sweet Lady. Also praying…as I also can use this one as well, that you’re able to slow down, de-stress and continue to be a blessing for all of us.

  7. Crystal A Murray

    Oh my, Joyce. I’m so sorry to hear that your body experienced that kind of stress, but I’m truly grateful for your spirit and strength in spite of it. I’m praying for your comfort and peace as you walk forward into more health, and may you find sweet trust in Our Loving Creator to take care of your mama and you both. He is on His throne, and whatever comes in your days is no surprise to Him. God bless your health, your heart, and your days ahead.

    Love in Christ,
    Crystal (and David)

    • Joyce Cordell Post author

      Thank you, Crystal, for praying for spirit, strength, comfort, peace, and better health. The Lord gave them all! Sorry to have missed the last two LCW meetings. Hopefully I can get back in November.

  8. Glenda K Blair

    Praying for God’s blessing as you enter new territory. God hold you extra close so you can feel his assuring love.

  9. Sheila Witten

    I’m so sorry to read of your stroke!! I’ll pray for you as you adjust your life to a slower pace. Take care, my chorale friend.

  10. Boone Mary Jean

    🏥Oh sweet friend…I’m so sorry to hear this news but delight thAt you feel good enough to write us and let us know. You and Jim will be in our prayers. Let me know if we can do anything else. Love you dearly.

  11. Carolyn Smith

    Joyce, I am sad to learn of this experience in your life and pray that you will be uplifted and healed by God’s Holy Spirit. May you be encouraged by The Comforter and healed by The Great Physician.

  12. Janice Kidd

    I just read this post. I am so sorry to hear this. I pray by now Oct. 8 you are home and doing well. Yes, the LORD sometimes gives us seasons of change from our usual schedules to teach us something. I will pray for clarity and wisdom as you search your heart. Keep us informed what is happening. I pray for your mom and husband as well. Love and Blessings Abundant,
    Janice Kidd

    • Joyce Cordell Post author

      Thanks, Janice for your caring comments. You know all too well the trials of health gone wrong. I pray for you as the Lord brings you to mind. Miss seeing you at the Y.

  13. Janet

    Joyce, I had called to see if we could have lunch soon. I feel like I’m taking a new turn in my life and wanted your advice. Jim called me and told me you had gone to the hospital that very morning. It really made me think that the Lord had put you on my mind and prompted me to call. I have and will continue to pray for you! I’m sure the Lord will give you clarity. I look forward to a lunch date when you are up to it!!

    Love you, Janet Hord

  14. Mary Horsley

    Joyce I have been praying for peace, wisdom , discernment and guidance for you and your Mother. I am so sorry you have had a stroke. I know God has a purpose and plan through all this and I pray you will have a renewed sense of His Presence as He heals you!
    Love and Prayers, Gibbie

  15. Dongyon

    Oh no, I’m very sorry to hear this but really glad that you’re doing better now. Thank you for letting us know. My wife and I will pray for you (so will my parents). Please take care!


  16. Blondie Crabtree

    I am so sorry to hear about your stroke. I understand completely about God slowly us down and forcing us to re-evaluate life. I fell and broke my hip a month ago and I have learned the same lesson. I don’t think I will ever take walking normally for granted ever again. I had lots of test and an operation and many moments that I had to lie there and do nothing. I prayed as well and the blessings that have come from my accident have been amazing. The biggest being the gathering of my children to support me and take care of all my needs. I knew they loved me but I have seen that love in action. There are other blessings as well. You are in my heart and prayers. Take care, keep praying and hopefully see you soon. “Blondie” (San Dee Crabtree)


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